Monteverdi Photography

I’ve been making photographs since I was nine years old. That’s a long time. At first, it was for fun. Then, it became academic. In my 20s, I started getting paid, writing news and feature stories, and occasionally shooting the accompanying images. It was still fun. Much later in life, I made the decision to turn “full pro.” I was shooting several days a week, got a couple of magazine spreads, shot some executive portraits, a lot of buildings and lighting, did some glamour work… and after a couple of years, my accountant looked at me in disbelief and asked, “Are you kidding me?”

It was time to revaluate.

Photography was always fun, but not making a living is not. Now, photography is a passion. Don’t call it a “hobby”: It’s much more than that. I still take the occasional client, but the focus (see what I did there?) is on the process, the creativity, the story, the idea, and — dare I say it? — the ART.